Strabismus and academia

Yes, so what about it? Well, it's complicated. I will try to explain it though. It's important to understand that my vision never could be relied on and it was always changing over the course of time. Initially as a first grader I had trouble learning how to read. At the…continue reading →
Syntonics report

Syntonics report

By the end of last year I had learned about this supplementary light therapy called syntonics that can be used along with VT to enhance results. The paper was very convincing so I wanted to try it. As it turned out that is easier said than done... My own optometrist…continue reading →

What other visual anomalies do amblyopes have besides poor stereopsis or reduced visual acuity?

Amblyopia (lazy eye) is the incomplete development of binocular or two-eyed vision in the brain. The most well-known symptoms of amblyopia are the lack of 3D vision (stereopsis) and reduced visual acuity. Notwithstanding, amblyopes also often have other visual anomalies besides poor stereopsis or reduced visual acuity. May also be…continue reading →

VisionHelp Podcast: Introduction to Visual Neuroscience and Vision Therapy

An Introduction to Visual Neuroscience and the Science of Vision Therapy Download: vision-help-podcast-episode-1.mp3 The program features interviews from Dr. Dan Fortenbacher O.D. FCOVD, Dr. Carl Hillier O.D. FCOVD and Dr. Leonard Press O.D. FAAO FCOVD. These three doctors specialize in the field of Developmental Optometry and practice Office-Based Optometric Vision…continue reading →