Session 30

I was in a good mood today. Went to the Turkish bakery and embarked on another session, an aniversary session I'd say. The last two weeks the computer exercises went very well. I did them sitting, standing still, walking... The whole lot. And the images themselves moved on the screen…continue reading →

Introduction to guidelines for treating vergence and accommodative disorders

In previous generations, when survival depended on the ability to hunt, fish, and farm, the visual system had to respond to constantly changing, distant stimuli. Good distance visual acuity and stereoscopic vision were of paramount importance. Today, the emphasis has shifted from distance to two-dimensional near vision tasks such as…continue reading →

Session 26

I was quite tired today due to some DIY adventures at home, so I wasn't expecting anything remarkable during my training session today. In fact some exercises were harder because of this. However, one computer procedure with the 3D glasses had an interesting effect on me. I put on the…continue reading →
How to rehabilitate a lazy eye while promoting binocularity?

How to rehabilitate a lazy eye while promoting binocularity?

According to my research traditional amblyopia treatment (patching the dominant eye) is not beneficial for eye teaming and what it might do for the acuity in a lazy eye it will destroy on the binocular front. Moreover, improvements in acuity will often only be of a temporary nature and be lost once patching treatment is stopped because the visual…continue reading →
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