VisionHelp Podcast: Introduction to Visual Neuroscience and Vision Therapy

An Introduction to Visual Neuroscience and the Science of Vision Therapy Download: vision-help-podcast-episode-1.mp3 The program features interviews from Dr. Dan Fortenbacher O.D. FCOVD, Dr. Carl Hillier O.D. FCOVD and Dr. Leonard Press O.D. FAAO FCOVD. These three doctors specialize in the field of Developmental Optometry and practice Office-Based Optometric Vision…continue reading →

Session 47: Reconciling the autonomic and motor nerve systems

Session 47: Before I blogged about Syntonic Light therapy as a way to enhance and possibly accelerate vision therapy progress and I was very excited about trying it. Seems like the road is going to be a bit bumpier than expected, but I'll find a way... So more on that…continue reading →

An unsatisfiable urge to become who I was supposed to be

I’ve always been excited about the idea of learning and reading. The prospect that hard work and intelligence pays off and gets you a better outcome. I had trouble learning how to read so my mother stepped in and gave me some extra tutoring before bedtime on a magnetic blackboard…continue reading →