Session 42: Accommodation versus Vergence?

The visual system, as far as your actual eyes are concerned, consists of two systems which have to be in tune with each other. On the one hand there is the accommodation system which makes sure the image you see is clear and sharp. On the other hand there is…continue reading →

One view

Before, meaning my whole life, I had to chose between my left and right eye (alternate). The last five years, in a double vision situation, I would see both images but only one eye is really aimed at what I am trying to see while the other one is just…continue reading →

Session 40

We practiced doing some exercises we've done before already, trying to take it further. Since my flat-fusing abilities are quite good, we are trying to get fusion going with two slightly different images to finally end up in the 3D spectrum. No big 3D epiphanies yet. Further we talked about…continue reading →

Session 37

Still struck by the sinus infection so I didn't feel like fridays session was very productive... I felt a bit feverish, but nonetheless I tried my best. It seems like my brain is adjusting quite well in order to fuse the images but the joint eye movements need more work, especially…continue reading →