“How do you explain to friends and family that you are turning into a psycho because your eyes are changing?”

As strabismus is essentially a brain problem, it touches more than vision alone. During my research I found lists of symptoms which in hindsight all make sense, one being 'emotional problems and anxiety'. This is true and during therapy the changes in your sight and brain make this symptom even…continue reading →
Analysis of strabismus and its symptoms, patient prognosis and success rate of Vision Therapy

Analysis of strabismus and its symptoms, patient prognosis and success rate of Vision Therapy

My awesome friend and medical student Stephanie Johanns found the success rates of Vision Therapy for me through a medical search engine. She got me the Optometric clinical practice guidlines for the care of patients with accommodative and vergence dysfunction published by the American Optometric Association. She wanted me to have this…continue reading →

Introduction to guidelines for treating vergence and accommodative disorders

In previous generations, when survival depended on the ability to hunt, fish, and farm, the visual system had to respond to constantly changing, distant stimuli. Good distance visual acuity and stereoscopic vision were of paramount importance. Today, the emphasis has shifted from distance to two-dimensional near vision tasks such as…continue reading →

Double vision and reading

It is certainly true that binocular eye problems prevent you from reading comfortably. This has all kind of repercussions on your academic (and athletic) performance. It's especially tragic if you like to escape reality with a good book once in a while but you can't really because of your diplopia.…continue reading →

Session 26

I was quite tired today due to some DIY adventures at home, so I wasn't expecting anything remarkable during my training session today. In fact some exercises were harder because of this. However, one computer procedure with the 3D glasses had an interesting effect on me. I put on the…continue reading →