Cast away

As many vision therapy patients will confirm it is an utterly exhausting and lonely process. Achieving healthy vision for a strabismic person is like any great athletic challenge only you don't get any recognition for it and your prize is something that everyone takes for granted. Being discouraged is a…continue reading →

Double vision and reading

It is certainly true that binocular eye problems prevent you from reading comfortably. This has all kind of repercussions on your academic (and athletic) performance. It's especially tragic if you like to escape reality with a good book once in a while but you can't really because of your diplopia.…continue reading →

Session 26

I was quite tired today due to some DIY adventures at home, so I wasn't expecting anything remarkable during my training session today. In fact some exercises were harder because of this. However, one computer procedure with the 3D glasses had an interesting effect on me. I put on the…continue reading →
How to rehabilitate a lazy eye while promoting binocularity?

How to rehabilitate a lazy eye while promoting binocularity?

According to my research traditional amblyopia treatment (patching the dominant eye) is not beneficial for eye teaming and what it might do for the acuity in a lazy eye it will destroy on the binocular front. Moreover, improvements in acuity will often only be of a temporary nature and be lost once patching treatment is stopped because the visual…continue reading →