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  1. Taliyah Reply

    i get talked about a lot my self esteem is low and i think i should have surgery to fix my eye but i dont think i can afford it

  2. Esoman Reply

    Sovoto is dead if you ask me. Last year I posted several times with several questions and was never answered by a single sole. It was really popular it seemed around the time Barry’s book was out that 2010 year range was popular. Sad

    • Michael Lievens Reply

      It’s hard to compete with FB patient groups since everyone is already on FB.

      Hope to see you there.


  3. Alan Foster Reply

    I had 2 surgeries I don’t recommend for anyone, surgery. Find a “COVD ” certified Vision Therapist Eye Doctor instead…. Mine has been great and the many results and suggestions for VT have bee great.

  4. candy Reply

    I have lived with this my whole life. It has changed my whole life. I had one surgery when I was in my 20’s. Didn’t work. I can’t even look at people straight on. The worst five words I’ve ever heard are “What’s wrong with your eye” I am 67 now and still cannot bear this. Don’t like having my picture taken. When people do take my picture in a group I try to turn sideways. I don’t think anybody realizes the severity of this condition. Always thinking about people looking at your eyes. I’m very sad just typing this.

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