“As I see in much more stereo, I feel much more calmness in my brain”

"I still have strabismus, but I am relearning to see in 3D. When I am able to use both eyes and see stereoscopically, I can really sense much more depth. I think that the visual system innately ties into the brain to create a spatial effect. It really does look…continue reading →

Confusing double vision: “I often feel like being on a cruise ship during a storm”

A comment from the Strabismus World Facebook page: "I have strabismus and amblyopia. At age 38, I had my first eye muscle surgery for crossed eyes which gave me really bad diplopia (double vision). Thank you for worsening my vision, Dr Mark Steckle. Finally, 4 years later, I found a…continue reading →

“Strabismus can have profound effects on physical and psychological well-being”

The following comment was posted in our online vision group by a 49-year-old woman living in Berlin. I judged it too relevant and pressing to have it simply go down the FB drain. "Vision problems such as strabismus can have profound effects on both physical and psychological well-being. I didn't…continue reading →