Football without stereoscopic depth perception (video + optometric analysis)

HISTORY As a strabismic child that suppressed one eye at the time, I played football (soccer) during every recess period at school. Clearly I had no stereo vision. Nonetheless I was a fairly good player and loved playing. I could be totally absorbed by it. At one point I also…continue reading →

The accommodative rock demonstrated

This is a video of me performing an exercise called 'accommodative rock' or a version thereof. You need a tiny letter chart to hold in your hand and another big letter chart on the wall in front of you. The exercise simply consists of alternately reading a letter from the paper…continue reading →
Session 44: Doing time

Session 44: Doing time

I've been working with the Aperture Rule for two weeks now. The device once again demonstrates the things I have been explaining about vergence and accommodation. This device comes with two plates you can change. The one with the one hole is to train convergence and the one with the two…continue reading →

Introduction to guidelines for treating vergence and accommodative disorders

In previous generations, when survival depended on the ability to hunt, fish, and farm, the visual system had to respond to constantly changing, distant stimuli. Good distance visual acuity and stereoscopic vision were of paramount importance. Today, the emphasis has shifted from distance to two-dimensional near vision tasks such as…continue reading →