Session 40

We practiced doing some exercises we've done before already, trying to take it further. Since my flat-fusing abilities are quite good, we are trying to get fusion going with two slightly different images to finally end up in the 3D spectrum. No big 3D epiphanies yet. Further we talked about…continue reading →
Session 39

Session 39

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I noticed some nice differences during the summer holidays. Especially between my last session and the one yesterday. So because of this I was optimistic about the future and my progress was seen in some exercises. The one I did first and when…continue reading →

Session 38

I'm still quite bummed out because of that f***ing infection... That place where the tooth was is still hurting. I'm taking the allergy medication and it's keeping my airways open. I guess the healing doesn't happen overnight... Had a CT scan, it's clean they tell me so I must be…continue reading →