As many vision therapy patients will confirm it is an utterly exhausting and lonely process. Achieving healthy vision for a strabismic person is like any great athletic challenge only you don’t get any recognition for it and your prize is something that everyone takes for granted. Being discouraged is a real threat especially if quiting is not even an option… Many great film quotes do apply and I posted many during the last few months. It might sound cheesy but at the time reliving those movies about people who survived great challenges helped me for a little while, floating in this sea of nothingness and depression. Other books I read are amongst others The Alquimist, l’homme qui voulait être heureux and of course some more optometry documentation. But most of all I was very fortunate to have an awesome extended family to support me when my parents seemed to fail. Some things are just too hard to do alone.
“I have to keep breathing…
Because tomorrow the sun will rise…Who knows what the tide could bring…” Cast Away
“It’s about risking everything for a dream no one else can see” Million Dollar Baby
“I choose not to indulge certain appetites of the mind” – John Nash in a beautiful mind about his way of ‘solving’ Schizophrenia

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