Session 32

Two interesting events.
– We were doing fusion exercises of the following kind:

Two of those rope circles approaching and moving away from each other, and me fusing. Doing this for a while and then the optometrist asked me ‘now touch the charts with your finger’. I reached out but the chart was further than I thought so I missed. It felled like when you are climbing the stairs and you thought it was just one step higher so you almost trip because it ain’t there. Well, the chart wasn’t there. I had to reach further. This doesn’t really seem like a big deal but it means however I’m starting to have a sense of depth, even though it’s no real stereo vision yet.

– They have a series of four different prism glasses, shifting the images on your retina and desorientating me. I put on one pair, walk accross the room on a wooden girder. Then repeat with another pair… All four of them. I did that every session, so 32 times. But the last two times after I did it I started really tripping and the world was shifting. This is a good thing, meaning my brain is taking more consideration of visual info instead of merely ignoring it for balance purposes. Yay!

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