I’m still quite bummed out because of that f***ing infection… That place where the tooth was is still hurting. I’m taking the allergy medication and it’s keeping my airways open. I guess the healing doesn’t happen overnight… Had a CT scan, it’s clean they tell me so I must be getting better soon. The bad breath still comes and goes so it’s not completely over I guess…

I know it’s a bit off topic but it’s relevant. This extra complication is keeping back progress once more… But at least I’m not falling backwards as I was during november 2011- february 2012, when some people found it necessary to vent their frustrations by giving me a hard time. That might have set me back at least a few months if not more… Now I’m stationary and try to do my exercises without forcing it but it’s hard because I’m hurting and exhausted. I did everything I could doctorwise, so it should play itself out now. I’m quite annoyed that stuff like this is keeping me from working on the real problem, especially now that every one is finally on the same page and leaves me alone to do this rehabilitation. I keep thinking that it’s impossible that someone who ran 15km in an hour without any training is beat down so badly at age 22 it will never get better. That’s impossible.

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