Session 39

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I noticed some nice differences during the summer holidays. Especially between my last session and the one yesterday. So because of this I was optimistic about the future and my progress was seen in some exercises. The one I did first and when I was still fresh is the one I photoshopped in attachment. The idea is to present each eye with one of the squares shown on the left. If you fuse it right, which I never did completely right before, you will see the thing I’ve drawn on the right of the image. Since I have double vision I normally saw everything jumbled up, but not this time. Then I got two sticks to point at a number, say 1, but even though you see the two sticks and they seem to be touching each other they actually aren’t because you are pointing at two different images (see pic). When we used to do this before I used to point correctly on one of them but be way off on the other. So that was pretty exciting to be sure I’m doing it right. Thank you very much 1 year and 8 months visual training hahah. So definitely improvement and beginning of single vision. Now it comes down to keeping a restfull, patient attitude and increasing general flexibility so I can switch between far and close in a jiffy. It’s not over quite yet but maybe the end is in sight in half a year if I keep it up. I can do it with a little help. 🙂

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