We practiced doing some exercises we’ve done before already, trying to take it further. Since my flat-fusing abilities are quite good, we are trying to get fusion going with two slightly different images to finally end up in the 3D spectrum. No big 3D epiphanies yet.

Further we talked about passed progress and where progress is heading and in which time frame. For people with constant double vision (as opposed to suppressors) it takes longer to achieve a cure because they are already seeing the two images but in an unhealthy, disturbing way. Based on the few double vision stories I have it takes between 2 and 3 years and a lot of perseverance. Looking at the past and the possible future we are going to hit that time frame and I should put my mind on spring next year more or less. We were also baring in mind the period I fell back a bit due to ’emotional problems’ caused by family members’ incomprehension and what not. So realistically speaking the final verdict is spring next year if people allow me to live in a drama-free environment. So let’s go. 🙂

PS: Normally I should reach a comfortable zero degree angle next Thursday during my check up appointment, hopefully I’ll be well rested!

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