Session 47: Before I blogged about Syntonic Light therapy as a way to enhance and possibly accelerate vision therapy progress and I was very excited about trying it. Seems like the road is going to be a bit bumpier than expected, but I’ll find a way… So more on that later.

 Aside from that disappointment todays session was pretty good. Still slow and steady progress notwithstanding the constant battle with fatigue, a chronic sinus infection, the tendency to go back to double vision when tired and the hardest part of all: not to take out mood swings on other people because of the former. Earlier I wrote about the similarities and differences between MS and strabismus and recently I read (Suddenly successful: how behavioral optometry helps you overcome learning, heatlh and behavior problems – Book review) that vision imbalances are not a cause but rather a symptom of deficits in the function and performance between two major nerve systems in the body: the autonomic and motor nerve systems. Makes all the sense in the world to me… You are unable to do exactly what you intent to do and if you try real hard it will cost you a lot more energy than normally necessary and possibly damage your body because of the extraordinary pressures. It’s hard to navigate this ship… The earlier (or whenever) this deficit is caught and corrected by optometric vision therapy, the more you will be able to live up to your potential and stay on course without slowly sinking.

A general observation I made during the past few months is the fact that I am starting to understand why people have trouble with small print. If accommodation and vergence have to work together you can’t just say ‘I’m not going to point my eyes correctly and zoom in on that small front using accommodation all the way’. It isn’t exactly a decision but that’s the way I did/do it. Not very balanced and not very productive in the long haul… But now I’m trying to learn how to do both and it’s starting to work pretty well on big letters… I can really make them into one nice letter/word and not two letters on top off each other. That’s not possible for small print yet… If I have to read those I just resort to double vision and try to focus on one of them. Funny business, I know… I think in 2013 the last two years of training will come into its own so I’m looking forward to that. Patiently…

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