A while ago I came up with an intuitive scale defining the worst kind of double vision leading to ‘functional blindness’ as -100, the tiniest bit of stereo vision as zero and a visual system performing up to its full potential as +100. Coming from -100, I position myself at -20 after two years and two months of training. The way down to living hell was long and so is the way up… It’s incredible no one prevented me from ending up in hell in the first place and no one really cared about getting me out of it, but it seems like I’m going to make it! As long as I don’t spontaneously combust into flames because of frustration and no one tries to interfere, I believe I can reach the stereo vision threshold in give or take six months. My performance in the various training devices keeps improving and I revisit certain exercises I did earlier, now being able to do them a lot better. The 26th of March I’ll have my sixth check-up appointment to officially measure this progress. Later update: I got stuck in traffic and missed the appointment so I had to reschedule to the 2nd of May. Meanwhile training continues so no harm done…

PS: I finally managed to find a Syntonics device and it will be to my disposal soon. According to the things I’ve read about it and the professionals and patients I have talked to, this should propel me towards stereo faster. More on the Syntonic experience later.

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