My fine ocular motor skills keep improving making head on anti-suppression exercise the main focus now. No ‘luster’ yet, but I am not disheartened. It is really unbelievable that after 2,5 years of dedication to my vision (read brain), my motor control still keeps getting more refined. It’s hard to believe how badly I was doing back then, isn’t it? I can’t blame people for not understanding me because I almost take every improvement for granted instantly… I would compare it to having accumulated this this huge amount of debt (health wise) starting at the age of three which had seemed impossible to pay back at the age of twenty making every small reimbursement (VT effort) seem insignificant. However, that’s just a one sided metaphor falling short of describing this life crushing stuff… Yesterday I jokingly said, ‘It’s starting to look like I’m going to be able make up for 20 years of medical negligence and abuse in more or less three years, so I can’t complain.’ Eat that VT skeptics. The best is yet to come.

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