1. The following website contains some simple but effective exercises to improve visual information processing skills such as perception, tracking, focusing and eye teaming.


NOTE: These activities are offered as a fun way to help sharpen “learning-related” visual skills that are critical for success in school. If a child has deficits in visual information processing, these simple exercises alone are not sufficient to correct a problem. Please do not confuse these exercises with vision therapy. Vision therapy involves a much wider scope of remediation procedures involving the use of lenses, prisms, filters, and instrumentation in a closely sequenced program prescribed by developmental optometrists. However, if your child has difficulty with these activities, it could indicate there is a problem with his/her vision system, and you may want to contact a developmental optometrist for further evaluation. A developmental optometrists can run specialized tests to determine if your child has developed adequate visual skills for reading, learning, and visual attention. Developmental optometrists are sometimes called behavioral optometrists because of their role in evaluating how vision affects behavior and performance.2. ┬áThis site has some more cool and free visual attention exercises. More varied kinds of brain exercise are available for paying customers, but I have only tried the free ones.

The attention exercises are quite VT like but what sets them apart is that they automatically increases or decrease difficulty depending on your performance which is great! I’d really recommend anyone to try them. Posit Science is a company co-founded by neuroscientist Michael Merzenich and was mentioned in the book ‘The brain that changes itself’.

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  1. Chandrali Kaushik Reply

    My husband lost one eye in an accident.we need visual rehab training

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