Session 67: Learning how to read

My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to do more bar reading because the exercise is finally starting to be within my reach. I started out with two pages a day. The first week I still had to do quite a bit of alternating, but after two weeks I could more or less keep my gaze steady and focus on ‘making the bars transparent’ without really having to change my eye posture. This was a major morale booster. It also shows that VT progress can be accomplished quite fast. It’s not that VT progress has suddenly accelerated, but it’s just that the progress before now was damage control. Now things are getting interesting at last. As eye movements keep getting more refined and converging gets easier, more energy and attention can actually be spend at really looking at what I’m seeing. It’s exciting! Man, oh man. Life must be quite relaxing if you can do that and read without effort and without having to strain yourself all the time… Today it’s the 23th of January and I’ve done 5 pages of bar reading. I go for a little bit of proper binocular reading rather than large quantities of painful and double vision reading. Quality first, quantity later. Not something they teach you in school apparently. I was telling my grandmother (whom I live with) about how exciting it is to start applying visual skills to real life tasks like reading. She answered grinning ‘So you’re in first grade again learning how to read, are you?’. As funny as that may sound for someone with a degree, it’s true. This time I’m going to learn how to read properly and it’s going to be awesome.

Because it is starting to take less effort to converge my eyes, I’m also getting better at fusional targets such as eccentric circles for instance. I feel like they are getting ‘less ambivalent’ and make ‘more sense as a single image’ rather than seeing two distinct superimposed images. Things are starting to get interesting. Man, oh man!


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