Skills acquired so far:
– Smooth eye movements, improved vergence amplitudes and eye alignment
– Improved accommodation amplitudes and continuing improvement with flippers
Stabilizing Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
– Being able to judge depth using physiological diplopia and reference cue

Left to do:
– Automation and stamina
– Integration, integration, integration.
– My VT seems to be expecting I’ll see some float in the Vectograms rather soon. To accomplish this I have to widen the span of my visual field. ┬áThat’s hard for me. Most of my life I’ve been busy suppressing my peripheral vision as an adaptation to strabismus. When I try to include more objects into my field of attention my gaze tends to get unsteady. This happens because my limited attention resource partly shifts from eye alignment to the widening of visual intake. That will be the next hurdle to take. “Bring in the periphery!” as my Italian friend Ilaria likes to say.

Nice list of acquired skills though. What a journey it has already been over the last three and a half years… Every summer things look different. I’ll keep inching forward and by next summer we’ll have some good and honest ‘float‘. Ha!

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