Angie H: Vision Therapy resolved my brother’s lifelong reading issues and “ADD” caused by Strabismus at age 31

“No child should have to struggle needlessly in the classroom. No child should have to deal with misdiagnosis of ADD/ADHD when the underlying issue is binocular vision problems. This is a picture of my brother, who at the age of 31, found out he had a form of strabismus that had never been detected, although he had had routine eye exams for years and had 20/20 eyesight with contacts. For years my brother struggled in school and had a diagnosis of ADD. He took Strattera for years, and the medicine helped some, but it didn’t correct the underlying problem – he still struggled. It took my brother 8 years to complete an undergraduate business degree because he could only study and read for short periods of time.

I honestly was probably very hard on him as I didn’t understand his “attention and focus” issues were caused by his binocular vision problems. I always thought he just needed to buckle down and try harder. I will never forget the day when I sat with him during Dr. Sharon Snider’s initial exam – I didn’t know whether to cry because I had been hard on him or jump for joy because he finally had answers. He was diagnosed with alternating exotropia. Five months of vision therapy, by now, eleven years ago, changed his life. He was able to complete seminary (110 hours) in about four years with excellent grades. He can now read for HOURS at a time, and comprehend everything he reads. He hasn’t needed medication for “ADD” since he completed vision therapy. 

So where did he spend his 42th birthday yesterday? At the bookstore!” 

angie's brother

Her brother’s success inspired Angie H. to become a Vision Therapist. Angie has worked as a vision therapist for almost ten years. “It is a very rewarding job.”

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