This incomplete list was compiled using the 6th chapter of ‘Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy’ by Leonard Press. Use Google at your discretion. 

Ocular and neurological diseases sometimes misdiagnosed as amblyopia:
– craniopharyngioma
– Coats’ disease
– optic nerve disease
– optic nerve hypoplasia
– glaucoma
– retinoblastoma
– toxo-retinochoroiditis

Diseases sometimes misdiagnosed as bilateral amblyopia:
– foveal schisis / foveal detachment / macular holes
– retinitis pigmentosa / cone-rod dystrophy
– Stargardt’s macular degeneration
– keratoconus

Occult neurologic disease masquerading as a binocular dysfunction:
– pituitary adenoma
multiple sclerosis (MS)

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