I was in a good mood today. Went to the Turkish bakery and embarked on another session, an aniversary session I’d say. The last two weeks the computer exercises went very well. I did them sitting, standing still, walking… The whole lot. And the images themselves moved on the screen too. Being able to do all this, means that my fusion is getting better. My accomodation and vergence system are getting more flexible. This time we made the exercises even more challenging to keep making progress. Aside from that I did an exercise that is rather hard to explain. It was a circling display with a twocoloured spiral, partly red and partly green. With the red and green glasses there was the illusion of depth. Or you would see a cone or you would see a ‘hole’. Now by fixating on the center or the periphery, you are able to switch between these two perspectives. Really interesting, I am tempted to use the word ‘mindfucking’ but I won’t. Being able to switch rapidly between the two indicates visual and mental flexibility necessary for a fully functioning and flexible visual system. Guess I could manage but I need more practice. Looking back at the previous 30 sessions there has been improvement, but I won’t give in till a full cure has been achieved. Only a full cure has a lasting effect. This thursday new measurement will be done during the check up meeting. Curious much!

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