This is a PSA for Vision Therapy from the eighties. This means that it’s been out there for a long time! ‘I was working at the word processor and experienced a headache. More than 40 million Americans use some kind of computer screen every day and a great many of them have eye strain and headaches’ hahah. Anyways, aside from the retro aspects not much has changed, including the fact that VT needs have remained under-served over the years causing sorrow to many.

It’s incredible how this lifesaving knowledge hasn’t become mainstream over the years. I’ve done some more research and the validity of Vision Therapy and the effects of not undergoing it when necessary have been documented for over half a century. The consequences of not being administered VT are far-reaching and I will dedicate a later post to these findings. Thank God I learned English! Hopefully VT will be lifted from obscurity thanks to more recent findings in the field of Neuroscience concerning brain plasticity as displayed by Susan Barry amongst others. The good thing about science is that it’s true, whether you believe in it or not.

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