I had a little ingrown nail issue and I went to a podologist my mother recommended. She drilled the lil fucker out and then pulled it by the root. She said: ‘You must have a very high pain threshold because you didn’t even flinch.’ ‘This is nothing, I’ve had bigger health issues than this’, I replied. She got curious so I told her about the eye operations etc. The girl is my age and I could see the reflection of the lights in both her eyes so by the looks of it she has perfect eye alignment. Turns out she has strabismus too! She’s been operated as a child and suffered a lot from it… She suppresses one image so is spared double vision but relying on the one image means she has no stereo vision either. Not knowing what stereo vision feels like she doesn’t really realise it, but experiences other seemingly not eye-related health problems. She told me about the nausea and all the other stuff. The operation was done by the doctor who applied damage control when I was totally done for. He’s definitely the best guy to perform an operation and he did a great job on her and given the circumstances also on me. Last summer she went back to him because her eyes were slowly losing track again… He proposed another operation but she declined and got stronger glasses. He’s a great surgeon but doesn’t mention Vision Therapy as a means of visual rehabilitation, which is a huge shame. Of course I told her about scheelzien.be and VT. She was like ‘So there’s still hope?’ My gross ingrown nail saved her vision it seems.

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