Starting a few months ago, I have been able to keep eye alignment. I can do almost every eye movement required. But in order to obtain healthy 3D vision you need to be able to sustain it AND switch between different eye poses in a split second. So my eyes need to move faster and more accurately. For the moment, when I am fixating on something a few inches from my face and then look at something more distant it takes like a second to readjust. The two images first wander around and then come together and fuse, but it’s still way too slow. My eye muscles haven’t always been so slow, not even while already suffering from strabismus. As a matter of fact in order for a strabismic to suppress the second image you need relatively fit eye muscles because it’s a complicated process. In order to suppress your brain mismanages the eyes, but at least it’s still doing some kind of management. If your eye muscles can’t respond well to their orders from the brain, the brain just receives bothering images… My eye muscles have been severely traumatized by a well intended but misguided strabismus surgery. It set me back a lot of time up to this day. Not only had my visual brain developed incorrectly by lack of correct treatment, but surgical interference crippled fairly healthy eye muscles… However, I do want to say that a well performed strabismus surgery can be a good starting point for visual rehabilitation through Vision Therapy. That being said, crippled eye muscles respond to training however crippled they were. Everyday life is the training now along with the exercises and a lot of rest. My optometrist and I think it’s possible but it’s impossible to say how long it is going to take… Although I think the worst is over. Gotta keep pushing forward but not too hard. 🙂

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