I was quite confident coming to this 6th check-up meeting. My optometrist was equally pleased. Two years and five months before, when I first met him, I was having constant diplopia and a batch of other problems because of it. I wasn’t able to align my eyes nor was I able to fuse images with the help of instruments. I was 21 years old and had had my last corrective surgery at the age of 19. That surgery had only been necessary to correct for a needless and badly executed surgery I had had at the age of 18 to begin with… A long, scandalous story. Things weren’t looking good. He said VT would be useless since I wasn’t even able to fuse a little bit. He did not recommend for me to start training. I insisted nonetheless. Everyone had given up on me and just told me ‘to deal with it’, whatever that means.

That brings us to today. During earlier check-ups he had already said I was exceeding his expectations but today he finally buried his skepticism. ‘I have helped people with diplopia before but I’ve never seen anyone come back like this, especially since your surgeries were so recent.’ Earlier he would have doubted if I would ever be able to gain stereo vision and I had actually told him I didn’t like him saying that. Today that possibility doesn’t look that unlikely anymore… My eyes keep being aligned and my fusional area is expanding. To top it off he said ‘You were right to follow your intuition and pursue this even though you didn’t have any support. It didn’t do you any harm, to say the least. So keep going.’ I haven’t found what I am looking for yet, but at least people are starting to realize I’m right. Never underestimate a scientifically informed lunatic on a mission…

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