How to make your own bar reader sheet

By Mike Robinson

Self-made bar reader sheets

“These are my homemade red/blue reading bars for getting both eyes working together. Wear red/blue glasses and hold it over your book or tablet. I got the clip on red/blue glasses and assortment of colored acetate sheets on Amazon. I cut the sheets into strips and, for the smaller one, I glued them onto a clear cd case cover, just using glue at the top and bottom. For the larger one I cut a hole in the middle of a file folder, put glue all over the inside of the folder, placed the strips so they’re glued top and bottom and then closed the folder to stick it all together and make it more rigid.”

Illustration of the principle that underlies
the practice of bar reading. One is forced to use
both eyes while reading otherwise
parts of the text are invisible.


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  1. Tim Eichman Reply

    FYI–I just discovered a Chrome Extension named “Antisuppression Reading Bars” that will overlay red and green bars on the web page. Users can change the width and the bars grow/shrink as you zoom in/out on the page. The overlays we got from our doctor were portrait-only and not well suited for using on a table or computer monitor. The extension really simplifies when using a web-source for the person reading.

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