Some vision testing in front of the webcam

Inspired by Dr. Charles Boulet’s article on the Cover Test, I  felt like doing some testing in front of the webcam.

First you can see me doing some saccades, or jumping movements, going from one corner of my laptop screen to the other. I started off quite well but then my left eye started lagging and had trouble keeping up. This resulted in some double vision when looking at the right. I slowed down and paid more attention to remedy the problem. In order to reduce ‘slippage’ my left eye needs to improve its quickness of reaction and accuracy. This will be a key factor in acquiring stereo vision and reliable reading skills.

During the cover test my gaze seems pretty solid. In hindsight, I realize that I should have covered each eye for a longer period of time to see whether it would stay in place. Still, not a bad result in view of where I came from.

In this video I am testing my ocular movement ranges. This slow tracking of the object seems mighty fine. I still feel some strain on particular eye muscles and have to stretch them to the limit but the video looks nearly perfect. There are no obvious restrictions in movement anymore.

I must say it makes me very happy to watch myself performing so well on these basic tests. From the outside I almost look ‘normal’. There’s no way in hell the untrained eye could tell I’ve had manifest strabismus for the larger part of my life.

Not a hierarchy of visual skills but a proposed aid for vision testing sequence


Hence I have definitely graduated to theConvergence Insufficiency class‘. I still have trouble reading, problems with fatigue and trouble keeping up consistent performance (especially while moving) which are common symptoms in ‘milder’ forms of binocular vision issues. ‘Milder’ binocular vision issues are still a pain in the ass…  Nonetheless, when talking about convergence insufficiency I often heard professionals say it can be  treated successfully in less than a year. God, I so hope that’s true!

As we get closer to a resolution, it is only natural my strabismus became less visible from the outside and more visual change will happen on the inside. That idea is so exciting. The idea of effortlessly pointing your eyes and just being able to focus on what is seen. Can’t wait!

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