Recently a VT friend of mine named Pasquale asked me how I had progressed in executing the Aperture Rule ever since I wrote ‘Doing time’ two years ago. Last week I asked my Vision Therapist whether I could try the AR again to verify.


Two years ago I only recently started having single vision some of the time. Back then I was able to execute the AR up to level 4 (of a total of 12) both with the exo and eso settings.

Right now I am able to execute the AR successfully up to level 7 using either the exo or eso aperture. Not too shabby! Certainly when considering my Vision Therapist said that even people with ‘normal vision’ often have trouble going beyond level 9 or 10.  
Good. This is where binocular vision problems come to die a slow and painful death. 

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  1. Elizabeth Reply

    What did you do to advance so far in AR? I am stuck on 4 trying for 5 the dreaded basketball players.
    I have double vision in distance. Divergence .

    I try to relax and the objects start coming together but then they hit a wall.
    Suggestions, please.

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