Session 80: Large rope circles projected on the wall

After almost four years of me doing Vision Therapy, our VT office finally got around to repairing an old projector they had in storage. It’s pretty cool. Now we can finally do polarized quoits vectograms on a bigger scale by projecting them on some kind of grey screen on the wall. My Vision Therapist named Sofie was doing the exercise simultaneously with me. Funnily enough her ocular movement ranges at that distance (2 to 3 meters) were similar to mine. Keeping my circles singled out is going pretty well then but I didn’t see any depth or changes in circle size (SILO – Small In Large Out). Damn it!

This brings me back to the goals I stated in July 2014. Easy convergence, more agile accommodation, sensory fusion and possibly stereo vision. That’s what I hope to achieve by July 2015. That’s all still on the table. Let time to its job. On a positive note, I have already reached the 75 kilograms weight target. One goal down, four to go.

I’m also working on procuring Rapid Alternating Occlusion Goggles which are supposed to help with decreasing remaining fields of suppression and stimulate sensory fusion. Movement seems to be the key to ‘blowing open’ the magnocellular pathways, even when that movement is so rapid one does not consciously perceive it anymore. Read some papers about it, talked to the optometrist who invented it, … I am very excited about the research papers but I’d like to SEE it for myself. More about this later!

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