For a previous post I uploaded a video recorded in December, 2011 and went on to compare it to a video captured in May, 2014. The images were self-explanatory and it was pretty spectacular! I recommend for anyone with strabismus to make videos of their eyes. It’s great to monitor VT progress and, in doing so, keep motivation levels high. Adhering to that idea I made some more flattering videos.

In those earlier videos I converged on a pen. In 2011 I failed radically. In May 2014 it finally started to look like something you’d call convergence. Converging on a pen was just a way of demonstrating the problem because, in reality, just being able to maintain that static pose won’t get you far in terms of every day visual activities. In other words, there’s still a lot of work improving more dynamic convergence activities such as the tiny saccades needed for reading. While reading I have to do a lot of correcting my eye movements. These corrections drain your energy, up the frustration and visual confusion levels, diminish reading comprehension. Generally it just brings you down! However, that’s very hard to get on camera… Those mistakes and their consequent corrections are now likely to be something akin to nano-millimeters, at least initially. From the inside these issues are very noticeable but not so much from the outside.

Because of this, I thought of a different way to register my remaining convergence issues by shifting the convergence frontier to the extreme. Instead of converging on a pen, this time I converged on the little nose supports of my glasses. Not a very natural movement but useful to elicit and demonstrate remaining convergence problems. You’ll see that my left eye can’t sustain this posture and drifts out towards the middle.

The first video was recorded around 6PM on December 11th, 2014. I was already quite tired when recording this video so the problem is very noticeable.

The second video was recorded around noon on December 13th, 2014. It was a Saturday so I was able to sleep longer. Sleep is an important factor. No perfect convergence either but a very remarkable difference compared to the first video.

Not only are these videos interesting as a record of my current convergence status but also a reminder that the time of day and fatigue levels can influence the results of a vision exam! Sometimes you do better or worse at the optometrists’s office than is generally the case! Keep that in mind.

In an unspecified period of time I will post a similar video in which I will be able to sustain this kind of convergence without trouble.  Haaaa, one of the final frontiers in order to improve reading stamina and overall visual stamina. This is a big deal, people. A BIG DEAL! Back when I was a full-blown and manifest strabismic, I thought Convergence Insufficiency, how hard can it be?‘ but I admit it’s a b*tch.

PS: It’s my birthday! 🙂

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