Looking back at 2014 and looking forward to 2015

I just reread my post from December 25th, 2013. It’s always interesting to compare thoughts over time. Often we get lost in the day to day to remember the overall progress we have made. I remember being able to do some bar reading for the first time ever in January 2014. I also remember being able to do head turns without the view going double and shaky in May. This still isn’t always the case, depending on fatigue, but that’s when it happened for the first time. Stabilizing the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex will be of utmost importance to complete this visual rehab process. Two major milestones right there.

These firsts produced themselves under controled circumstances and while maintaining a regimen including lots of rest. They need to be solidified but they are obviously good signs. I still face trouble reading and using electronics due to convergence problems BUT there is improvement. Improvement is what we are going for. You can’t expect to directly go from being partially paralized to running marathons. It feels like I’m litterally completing a picture and filling in the holes, motorically and perceptually. Each year, since I discovered Vision Therapy, I have added or improved underdeveloped or damaged visual skills and it’s compiling into something substantial. I hope all these elements will come together, integrate and anchor themselves through sensory fusion and hopefully stereovision the upcoming year. In the end it will have been worth every second. As the years go by I feel less shell-shocked and post-traumatic stressy and more grounded and armed with more adequate visual artillery to face the world and its challenges. If I can pile another year of improvement on top of that, who knows where that will lead me. I’m eager to find out and pursue that road. Usually the results always produce themselves but the timeline is always more extended than I’d hoped for. God, give me patience! 🙂 Happy New Year!

It might have to be the next Christmas, or the one after that, but I will get what I’m after.

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