Reading without pain and strain is amazing

Finally was able to read this book! I bought it back in 2010, apparently, at that moment, still buying into the illusion that I might somehow be able to read it without torturing myself to insanity with visual strain, headaches and other kinds of pain and symptoms. An ordeal that might have taken many months, if even at all feasable, and might arguably not have been worth it. Now, having acquired the accompanying Audible version, I read in two weeks, in between of other daily activities and without pain. A nice example of the transition phase to fully “stand alone” visual reading.

Freedom  by Jonathan Franzen

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

The book itself is magnificent. The breadth and depth of the characters’ personalities and movations, of how they experience each other and family life within the contemporary American context, is phenomenal. Its humour made me laugh out loud several times too. Reading it makes you appreciate how time lapses and puts a lot of things in a long term perspective which kind of has a calming effect. It also was a nice empathy exercise.

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