26th Birthday!

Today is my 26th birthday! After a childhood of trying to cover up and make up for binocular vision deficits, I finally had to succumb to the fate I had been working so hard to avoid. Especially after a couple of surgeries at 16, 18 and 19, making the situation worse, there was no way around or faking my way through my visual deficits anymore. When I somehow managed to graduate at age 21 without basic reading proficiency, everything collapsed and my life regressed and sat on its ass. It’s been a tough couple of years dealing with, and making up for, the medical mistakes of the past. But once you are forced to deal with something like this, you might as well do it thoroughly.

At last I’m starting to feel like there’s going to be a life after all of this medical malpractice nonsense and the visual disability. It will still take considerable time and effort to get there however. Meanwhile I might as well own my vision issues and keep doing something productive with them and keep working on Strabismus World. More observations, research, stories and book reviews coming up!

sweater 2

I felt like having myself made this Strabismus World hoody for my birthday so I can run around Brussels representing the cause. It says visio-motor rehabilitation on the sleeves which I thought was pretty neat. We’ll see if there’s still some money left after the hollidays.

If you feel like helping me out with this or you want to support my writing and replenish my audiobook and web budget, you are free to donate:


If you’ve radicalized even more towards strabismus awareness extremism, you can also subscribe for $2, $5 or 10$ a month on the website.

Now that I have posted my first (rather chancy) fund raising post, I’ll go back to saying, writing and posting pertinent, and somewhat outraged, vision stuff. Thank you so much for following and reading/listening! It makes me happy if this work can mean something to someone out there!

Happy hollidays and all,

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