Developmental timelines of Amblyopia

Developmental timelines of Amblyopia

This table is taken and completed with information from the book "Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy" by Leonard Press.   "Critical period: birth to 6 months aggressive treatment required: critical to provide child with clear visual input lack of treatment results in legal blindness and nystagmus untreated infantile cataract is…continue reading →
Redefining Amblyopia as disorder of vision development

Redefining Amblyopia as disorder of vision development

I am studying various chapters from the book "Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy" by Leonard Press. In this blog post I have compiled some of the most relevant and poignant quotes from chapter 7 called "Amblyopia: A Microcosm of Visual Disorders". "Various tacks of amblyopia research:  Conclusions of the Hubel…continue reading →

FAQ: What ocular and neurologic diseases can be masquerading as functional vision disorders?

This incomplete list was compiled using the 6th chapter of 'Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy' by Leonard Press. Use Google at your discretion.  Ocular and neurological diseases sometimes misdiagnosed as amblyopia: - craniopharyngioma - Coats' disease - optic nerve disease - optic nerve hypoplasia - glaucoma - retinoblastoma - toxo-retinochoroiditis Diseases…continue reading →

“The Scarcity Trap: Why We Keep Digging When We’re Stuck In A Hole”

Here's an interesting NPR podcast about the psychological "scarcity trap": When you're in need of something, your mind is enveloped by a kind of "tunnel vision" prompting you to solve short term problems in ways that are detrimental to long term success. This can apply to food, money, social contact, time,…continue reading →

“Development of Vision and Visual Delays”

I read a very relevant developmental vision related article on the website of the American Acadamy of Ophthalmology. From ophthalmology quarters archaic, overly pro-surgery sounds are often heard when it comes to strabismus and developmental vision issues. Nonetheless, sometimes they pleasantly surprise you. The article shows awareness of the need…continue reading →

“Our senses can’t learn under stress”

Having compromised sensory abilities can be very stressful and that in turn can impede rehabilitation or further development. Creating a climate of understanding conducive to sensory learning is thus of paramount importance. Read the entire article at: "Stress is part of our everyday lives – while some thrive on it,…continue reading →

“Dyspraxia affects co-ordination, spatial awareness and sensory perception”

I personally don't think I have dyspraxia exactly but I relate to a ton of quotes in this article. I would say I have oculo-motor dyspraxia. Eye coordination issues which sometimes result in the same symptoms as described in this article. I particularly identify with the lady who says: 'just…continue reading →
Book Review: ‘The hidden link between vision and learning’ by Wendy Beth Rosen

Book Review: ‘The hidden link between vision and learning’ by Wendy Beth Rosen

The author of this book, Wendy Beth Rosen, was so kind to lend me an e-copy of her new book for review. As I love books and am obsessed with vision, I gladly accepted. The book reminded me of a book earlier reviewed on this website: Suddenly Successful by H. Dawkins…continue reading →

TESTIMONIAL: KR (64) wants to improve age-related decompensation of strabismus

KR: I am 64. I first noticed there was something wrong with my vision about 5 years ago.  The first symptom was slight double vision in my right side gaze. I mentioned it to my ophthalmologist and she was not concerned at that point. We would keep monitoring it during my…continue reading →