Seek support from people who are encouraging you, not those who are trying to decrease your enthusiasm

Today, neurologists understand that the brain is an unbelievably plastic thing, capable of learning a new language or healing from injury well past adolescence. But Barry's experience taught her a deeper, more essential lesson: every person possesses the ability to be a participant in her own rehabilitation. Patients are not…continue reading →

Perceptual flow

Now the next problem is this... When I'm calm the fusion is there quite often when just looking straight ahead, but once I start moving around or do a complicated eye task I lose it. So to extrapolate the fusion to moments of movement I do the following: - I…continue reading →

Check-up 4

4th check-up after 1 year and 2 months training. I went from 14 degrees to 8, then 4 in october last year, and now between 2 and 3. The last few bits will be the hardest... To be brief he said: 'You are doing very well, I might start believing…continue reading →

Session 30

I was in a good mood today. Went to the Turkish bakery and embarked on another session, an aniversary session I'd say. The last two weeks the computer exercises went very well. I did them sitting, standing still, walking... The whole lot. And the images themselves moved on the screen…continue reading →
Analysis of strabismus and its symptoms, patient prognosis and success rate of Vision Therapy

Analysis of strabismus and its symptoms, patient prognosis and success rate of Vision Therapy

My awesome friend and medical student Stephanie Johanns found the success rates of Vision Therapy for me through a medical search engine. She got me the Optometric clinical practice guidlines for the care of patients with accommodative and vergence dysfunction published by the American Optometric Association. She wanted me to have this…continue reading →

Session 29

Yesterday I had session 29. Fusion remains, now we are taking it up a nodge with fusing constantly moving objects on a computer screen. I got some of them as take home exercises. In the meanwhile I try to stay moving. Balance and exercise make me feel better. I try…continue reading →