As strabismus is essentially a brain problem, it touches more than vision alone. During my research I found lists of symptoms which in hindsight all make sense, one being ’emotional problems and anxiety’. This is true and during therapy the changes in your sight and brain make this symptom even more apparent.

Heather Essex Thomas put it in a very funny way:

“So I am very excited about all the changes that have been going on. But I am being to feel very emotional and a bit unsteady. Not sure what to think about the feelings. I hope it goes away soon. I don’t feel like I have any control over my emotions and I don’t like it at all. How do you explain to friends and family that you are a psycho because your eyes are changing. lol”

This made me laugh. 😀 Partly because I know this situation all too well… I know it’s no ones fault I’m going through all this so I try to be alone as much as possible to avoid uncomfortable and awkward situations. But even sheltering yourself in order to protect others from your miserable temper will piss people off because they think you don’t care about them or you are being asocial. So on this occasion, forgive me my friends. The only thing we can do is all be patient.

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