Entered 2013 barely able to align my eyes in resting position and ended the year with the ability to calibrate eye alignment while moving with increasing accuracy. Double vision has been eliminated in daily life EXCEPT when trying to read. However, also while reading I can see the images coming closer to each other than before. During 2013, I have consolidated my transition from manifest strabismus to intermittent strabismus (Convergence Insufficiency). Remaining stumbling blocks towards achieving a workable vision level are improving convergence, sensory fusion and ultimately stereo vision.

I’m starting to feel a lot safer after three years of damage control and can feel victory approaching. I have managed not to lose my mind, not to snap under the pressure and secure much needed support for my recovery. If all goes well, I can finalize this ambitious project by tackling aforementioned challenges during the upcoming year and I will, for the first time ever, experience a visual system adequate for reading, learning and just plain living. A lot of opportunities will open up themselves simply because my brain will be able to seize them. The first subtle functional benefits are starting to kick in. Slightly better reading, less motion sickness, an easier time using electronics, … Good changes are coming!



But for now, the show must go on! All my energy, time and attention will still be aimed at molding my biology into the shape it was supposed to have if it wasn’t for adverse outside interference. I have lost twenty years and I’m not looking to lose any more time than necessary. Soon I will be able to give tDCS a try in adjunction to Vision Therapy. Can’t wait to report on it. From what I hear, it’s a major game changer. Sounds like 2014 is gonna be the year! Happy holidays everyone!

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