Session 38

I'm still quite bummed out because of that f***ing infection... That place where the tooth was is still hurting. I'm taking the allergy medication and it's keeping my airways open. I guess the healing doesn't happen overnight... Had a CT scan, it's clean they tell me so I must be…continue reading →

Session 37

Still struck by the sinus infection so I didn't feel like fridays session was very productive... I felt a bit feverish, but nonetheless I tried my best. It seems like my brain is adjusting quite well in order to fuse the images but the joint eye movements need more work, especially…continue reading →

“How do you explain to friends and family that you are turning into a psycho because your eyes are changing?”

As strabismus is essentially a brain problem, it touches more than vision alone. During my research I found lists of symptoms which in hindsight all make sense, one being 'emotional problems and anxiety'. This is true and during therapy the changes in your sight and brain make this symptom even…continue reading →
Session 34

Session 34

Extending fusion and accommodation exercises in terms of distance, speed and flexibility. General energy levels are picking up and I try to take care of my eye movements ALL THE TIME. I don't stress about anything else and try to take quality of eye movement over quantity. Little things are…continue reading →

Session 33

Fusing bigger objects from a wider distance. Some other regular exercises, one of which walking over the rail with the different kinds of prism glasses. Again the effect of this exercise was greater on me: I got very dizzy and if it weren't for the familiar environment I would get…continue reading →