VIDEO: Current convergence status + The ‘time-of-day-effect’

For a previous post I uploaded a video recorded in December, 2011 and went on to compare it to a video captured in May, 2014. The images were self-explanatory and it was pretty spectacular! I recommend for anyone with strabismus to make videos of their eyes. It's great to monitor…continue reading →

Football without stereoscopic depth perception (video + optometric analysis)

HISTORY As a strabismic child that suppressed one eye at the time, I played football (soccer) during every recess period at school. Clearly I had no stereo vision. Nonetheless I was a fairly good player and loved playing. I could be totally absorbed by it. At one point I also…continue reading →

The accommodative rock demonstrated

This is a video of me performing an exercise called 'accommodative rock' or a version thereof. You need a tiny letter chart to hold in your hand and another big letter chart on the wall in front of you. The exercise simply consists of alternately reading a letter from the paper…continue reading →

You want more evidence? I’ll give you some evidence right here.

“Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculp­tor of his own brain” - Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852–1934) Ever since I was four years old I've been cross-eyed (accommodative esotropia). My brain learned to suppress the image of one eye by turning the eye inwards. Over the years…continue reading →
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